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Li'l Medic 8 Column Medic Aid Vendor

Type: Glass Front Mechanical Merchandiser. 

Operation: Completely mechanical. No Electricity needed. Can be located anywhere.

Coin Mechanical: Dual coin Selection.

Coil Selection: 34 rows. Shelf Adjuster Piece for use with Smaller 1” x 2” products.  

Security:  Dual Door Locks with Lockable Coin Box. 

Products:  Variety of  2”  x 2 ½  “ individual pack products. (Over 50 products available)

Examples: Aspirin, Midol, Pepto Bismol, Alka-Seltzer, Cold Tablets, Decongestants, Throat Soothers, Sinus Aids, …etc.

Size: Cabinet: 24"H x 19 "W x 3 1/2" D

Stand:  2’ x 4"       

Base: 12" H x 12" D x 1" H 

Weight: 66 Lbs. 

Capacity: 272 pieces  

WARRANTY:  One year Limited warranty Parts & Workmanship

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