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Decor: Decorative cabinet with eye appealing graphic combination. 

Operation: Completely mechanical. No Electricity needed. Can be located anywhere.

Coin Mechanism: Special compact coin mechanism. 

Reliable: The simple well-engineered design results in more trouble-free operation then electrical models.

Security: Thick steel construction along with high quality locks for added protection. 

Size: Compact size. Unit is 4" wide x 4 " deep x 12 tall. The compact size allows this unit to be installed in areas where other machines would be too large.

WARRANTY:  Manufacturers Limited warranty on all. 

BLAST-A-SCENT perfume dispensers are unsurpassed as one of the highest returns on the investment dollar with the lowest man hour requirements. While the market is in its infancy the smart investors are taking advantage of the prime locations. The secret to vending success is to find a machine that is relatively new on the market and be the first in your area with that machine. Today is the day of opportunity! The next step is yours! Begin your move toward financial freedom!

Which fragrances are dispensed?

Name Brand recognizable designer fragrances like: 

Giorgio, Obsession and Opium for women. Aromas, Polo and Drakkar for men.

How much perfume comes with the first order?

 $600.00 worth of perfume per machine.

Advantages of owning a Blast-A-Scent:

 Make Money 365 days a year

All Cash Business

Popular fragrances

High Profit Margin

No Overhead

No Maintenance costs

Locations are Unlimited:

Airports * Hotels * Lounges * Office Buildings * Bus Stations * Health Spas * Athletic Clubs * Truck Stops * Theaters * Bowling Allays * Train Stations * Country Clubs * Vacation Resorts * Hospitals * Auditoriums * Motels * Beach Resorts * Pizza Parlors * Restaurants * VFW  

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